You don’t need to be a cross channel swimmer for this activity, but you need to like water and be at home in it! The most important thing is to learn the art of using fins.

Once this is achieved hydrospeed is a piece of cake. Your guide explains the basics of navigating down river, how to enter and get out of the current and the rules of safety.


Participants must be able to swim 25 metres and immerse.
A swimming/health certification form has to be signed before departure.
Minimum ages must be respected.


French national diploma canoë-kayak and other water sports with additional raft qualification.

Equipment provided by Franceraft:

Safety helmet, life jacket, full wetsuit, jacket and wetsuit bootees. Equipment is disinfected after each trip and conforms to European regulations), fins, and board.

Equipment to bring:

Swim suit and towel.

Important information:

Transport is provided to the start. Franceraft reserves the right to modify the operation of its activities for safety reasons. Trips are run in all weather conditions (the equipment provided is adequate protection. It is important to arrive at the base on time as there are daily dam releases and to avoid everyone having to wait.

Advanced trip:

For those who have already completed the Gorge Trip. It is twice the distance including the Aime rapids which are the most difficult on the river Isere. One of the pleasures of this descent is surfing the waves.

Organisation of the hydrospeed trip on the Isere River:

On arrival at the base clients change into their hydrospeed equipment.

Car keys can be left at the reception at the base. The bus then takes people up to the start of their trip with the guides. After a detailed safety briefing on the bank it is time to practice a few manœuvres before setting off.

The trip finishes at the base where people change before going for a drink at the bar!